Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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Writing at Sundridge & Brasted


At Sundridge & Brasted, we use a core-text approach to learning, as we believe that a love of writing develops alongside a love of reading. Our curriculum ensures that children learn to write for a variety of different audiences and purposes throughout the year. 


We are beginning to use 'The Write Stuff' approach by Jane Consodine, which allows children to slowly develop the fundamental skills of writing in an intense but scaffolded way, that gives them the tools to be successful in their own writing.


Each lesson is split up into three learning chunks, with each chunk being broken down into: 

1. Initiate - where the teacher and children collect words and phrases based on a stimulus of some kind. 

2. Model - where the teacher demonstrates high quality sentences

3. Enable - where the children write independently, having been given all the tools necessary.


Handwriting is important here at Sundridge & Brasted and so every class practises handwriting on a daily basis, with a cursive writing style being introduced at the end of Year 1



Traditionally, spellings are 'taught' by sending home a list of words to be learnt for that week, however, research has found that most children forget how to spell these words, once the test is over.  With this in mind, we have ditched the weekly spelling test, in order to focus more on the actual teaching of spellings. We therefore use Sir Linkalot alongside an investigative approach that helps the children to develop a 'spelling conscience' i.e. the ability to tell whether a word is spelled correctly and if not, how they can correct it.