Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world




Geography is about enhancing an understanding, and appreciation, of our rich and diverse world. Through this subject, we equip our children with a deeper knowledge of where places are, what they are like, the people who live there, and their physical and human environments and processes. Studying other places also allows them to appreciate how they, their local and national surroundings uniquely ‘fit’ within the wider world, and how they compare and contrast to others. It is our intent to inspire a fascination, awe and wonder of the precious planet on which we live, encouraging a curiosity about it and a desire to play their part in conserving it; also, to foster the investigative and enquiry skills key to studying this subject, which can be transferred to a wide range of other curriculum areas, enabling every individual to reach their fullest potential.

Geography Progression of Skills and Knowledge