Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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Federation with Kemsing Primary School

In January 2022, the governing bodies of Kemsing Primary School and Sundridge & Brasted CE Primary School agreed to set up a working party to explore the possibility of a federation between the two schools. A federation is a formal agreement between two or more schools to work together under a single governing body to raise standards, promote inclusion, find new ways of approaching teaching and learning and build capacity between the schools in a coherent manner.


Following the discussions and consultations, the federation with Kemsing Primary School took effect on 1st September. The federation has been named The Darent Federation of Schools, with Tom Hardwick as the Executive Headteacher across both schools, although both schools will remain independently known as Sundridge & Brasted C of E Primary and Kemsing Primary School.


The schools will be working closely together under one overarching governing body. The team of governors work with both schools to support Tom and the staff. Beca Hamburger and Kirsty Oliver (previously Sundridge & Brasted governors) work together as co-chairs with Tara Anderson (Kemsing Primary) in the role of vice-chair.


Please find below the documentation sent out to our staff, parents and interested parties for the federation process.