Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world



Our intent for Science is for our children to have an ever growing appreciation for the incredibly complex, creative and diverse world we live in.  We foster their understanding of the world through encouraging questions, curiosity and knowledge of the ever changing scientific world.


We encourage the children to see the world in their own unique way and always challenge themselves to explore what they have found. Key scientific knowledge is taught through a precise and inspiring hands on approach.


Our young scientists are encouraged to work collaboratively always using correct scientific vocabulary. This knowledge will be embedded alongside a host of skills that are developed throughout the curriculum in a systematic manner, both inside and outside the classroom.


At Sundridge & Brasted, we follow the Kent Scheme of Work, written by Andrew Berry.


Our Science lessons build on skills, vocabulary and knowledge from both the previous lessons and the previous year. (Please see the Progression Documents for further information).


We aim to make science as practical and ‘hands-on’* as we can, where possible, and endeavour to make meaningful links to other areas of our curriculum as well as real- life, giving greater depth to the learning.


Lessons are not just limited to the classroom, we make use of our outdoor area in order to maximise the children’s learning experiences. Our pupils are involved in scientific enquiry at a variety of different levels, both linked to the curriculum and in extra-curricular projects such as Forest School, STEM club as well as Science-based assemblies, workshops and competitions. This allows the children to develop the key skills of investigation, problem-solving and team work, empowering children to question the world around them and become scientific thinkers which gives them the understanding the concepts, skills and uses of Science for both today and in the future. 

Progression of Skills and Knowledge in Science