Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world


Welcome to Sundridge & Brasted CE Primary School, a small Church of England village school, which has served its local community since 1860. As of September 2022, Sundridge & Brasted CE Primary School has become part of the Darent Federation of Primary Schools. We work closely with other local schools and the Local Authority to ensure that we have the best practices in place to benefit our children and staff. We are also supported by a strong governing body.

We provide a wide range of pastoral support for our children and families in order to ensure that every child has the opportunity to fully experience school both inside and outside the classroom.

We have high aspirations for every child and an expectation that they will excel and achieve their potential. We provide an inspirational and creative curriculum, rich in opportunity and full of challenge. We understand that every child is precious – an individual blessed with their own unique set of gifts and talents and we work hard to encourage and support each child as they discover where their strengths lie.
As a small school we pride ourselves on our happy, friendly and caring atmosphere, as well as our strong Christian ethos, which underpins all that we do. We have good links with the churches in both villages and we endeavour to help all our children develop their understanding of the Christian faith. At Sundridge & Brasted, each child grows knowing that they belong to our school community and that our school community belongs to them. This knowledge fosters a pride in their school and its achievements, and an understanding that each individual is a very important part of the whole. 


If you require any further information please contact Helen Prestage (School Secretary) on 01959 562694 or email


Our SENCO is Moira Wilson and she can be contacted at the number above or email

We hope that this website provides you with both an insight into school life and a wealth of useful information.

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Tom Hardwick
Executive Headteacher of the Darent Federation of Primary Schools