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Forest School

 Kent Wildlife Trust work with us to provide a fun and varied programme of Forest School at Sundridge & Brasted Primary School, which runs for three terms of the year, linked to our curriculum topics. Activities have included:


  • creating habitats for wildlife at the school in the Nature Area.

  • identifying and recording all the different flora and fauna within the school grounds. Children have identified Oak, Field Maple, Silver Birch, Holly, Cherry, Rowan, Ivy, Brambles, Nettles, Magpies, Hedgehogs, Robins, Millipedes, Woodlouse, Violet Ground Beetle and Devil Coach Horse to name a few.

  • identifying different fungus such as Ink Caps and Stink Horns.

  • planning how to encourage and care for wildlife by providing more food and habitats. The children have made bird seed cake using a campfire to melt the ingredients, fruit rings, bird boxes using recycled materials and hedgehog homes using common household objects.

  • building dens.

  • making camp fires.

  • melting marshmallows and making hot chocolate and learning how to do so safely, with respect for the environment.


As with all Forest School sessions the development of confidence, self-esteem, respect, teamwork, creativity and resilience are essential to the planning and delivery. Free play is an integral component to Forest School and every session will include opportunities for children to run, jump, play, climb and improve their physical/mental health.