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Wacky Willow Facts

What an AMAZING class you belong too! Did you know...


    • Willow trees have been linked with weeping and sorrow in our part of the world for a long time. This links back to a passage in the bible (Psalms 137) where people were weeping and hung their harps on the Willow trees. However, in other parts of the world, like China, Willows are seen as symbols of vitality, new life and growth.
    • Willow trees are one of the fastest growing trees and sprout easily. Sometimes new trees come from a broken branch just lying on the ground! Willows aren't picky; they don't mind whether they have acid or alkaline soil. Each year they grow about the height of a full grown man and when they are fully grown they can reach the same height as 9 men standing on each other's shoulders!
    • Willow roots are very determined when they seek water and can block drains and damage pavements as they grow towards it. However, their need for water can also make them useful if they are grown in the right places. They can be grown to help drain soil that is too wet and help to stop the land being eroded away.
    • Willow bark is used in ancient times to treat fever and swellings. It contains something similar to the adult medicine 'aspirin'. Recent research has also suggested that Willow could be used to make medicines for other illnesses too.
    • For a long time, willows have been used for wicker work and making baskets. Before plastic was invented willow wickerwork was used to make lots of different containers. Willow wood was also used to build houses and make furniture. Weeping willows have also been used to make charcoal, cricket bats and made into dye to colour leather.