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Last term we learnt about the human heart and our blood, but this term we are learning about something completely different. In Elm we are learning about the Victorians. It's really interesting when you learn more about it. They were called the Victorians, because that was when Queen Victoria was on the throne. We have looked at what they did and what they used. We used different websites to gather information about the Victorians and created timelines on the era, using this research. Everyone in Elm is really excited to learn some more stuff!


By Alfie, Amelia, Grace and Jolie.

Last term was based on the polar regions, but this term Elm class are focusing on the heart, with our brand new topic, 'Blood heart'. We are learning about how blood is pumped around the body by the heart and much more. So fa,r we have learnt about oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, and how oxygen and carbon dioxide are given to and taken from the body. We are excited as to what else we will be finding out about.


By Syras and Alby.

Last term was all about technology, but this term we're going back in time. We're travelling back to 1939 when WW2 began. As children, we would have been evacuated away from London and we would have had a certain amount of food each day due to rationing. Although we would have gone without our parents, we would have been cared for by a host family. We are tying in our class book with our topic, as we reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom' which is all about WW2. Mrs Taylor - Hicks chose this book first because of our topic and secondly because our author of the term is Michelle Magorian. Some of the things that happenned during WW2 included: the Blitz, the Allies and Axis of war, children being evacuated and building air raid shelters.


By Philippa and Jess

Last term was all about World War 2, but this time you might need to put on some warm clothes, because we are going to the polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic! Frozen kingdom is a geography based topic, but we will also be learning about the Titanic and what happenned. I am really looking forward to finding out interesting facts, such as which animals live there. This topic is going to have a lot of questions that demand answers! We can't wait to find out more.


By Ethan and Lily- Marie.