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Thinking Schools' Accreditation

Our two-year journey to become a 'Thinking School' and gain our accreditation as such is well underway. Our mission is to nurture successful children who are confident and can think and act independently. This cognitive approach to education influences the way that learning experiences are planned and delivered across the curriculum and the school day. So far we have had three main foci which are explained below; the positive impact of these initiatives has been evidenced time and again through observations of the children learning and through discussions about good practice between staff. There is a buzz about learning which is tangible in the classrooms and exciting to witness,


Thinking Maps

Children across the school have been introduced to Thinking Maps, which provide a range of structures to help them think through and organise their ideas clearly, identifying connections where appropriate.


Questioning Skills

We have an on-going focus on 'Good Questioning Skills' with both staff and pupils working hard to ask better and higher order questions in day-to-day learning times.


Habits of Mind

There are 16 different 'Habits of Mind' which are different behaviours identified by Art Costa as being crucial to becoming effective learner. The children have been exploring some of these in their learning this term, including 'Persistence', 'Listening with understanding and empathy', 'Thinking Flexibly', 'Thinking about your thinking', Striving for Accuracy and 'Managing Impulsivity', with 10 more still to come.