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Terrific topic work

At the start of each topic, the children ask some 'wonderings'. These are questions;  the things that they would like to find out throughout the term.
What would you like to find out about our topic of 'Allotment'? Here's what Elm class want to know...

What would you like to know about our topic of 'ID'?


Fabulous Fingerprints

We learnt all about fingerprints and how unique they are. We also found out that there are 3 types: whorl, arch and loop. Using charcoal, we took our partner's fingerpints and indentified which types of patterns we could see. Then, we tried to lift our fingerprints, replicating what happens in a crime scene.


Social reformers

In History, Elm class have been researching famous social reformers. These are people who have made significant changes in the world. In pairs, the class reasearched a reformer of their choice: Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandella, William Wilberforce, Emmeline Pankhurst or Florence Nightingale. The children then wrote one sided arguments to persuade people why their reformer had the largest impact. Later on, they used these to write speeches to tell their classmates why their reformer was the greatest of them all. After a democratic vote, they decided that William Wilberforce was the most deserving of the title of greatest social reformer, for abolishing the slave trade.