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Term 3 - Amazing Aztecs!


This term we have been finding out about the Amazing Aztecs!

We started the term with a whole school morning with Mexicolore, where we learnt about Aztec Gods, music, dance, sport and so much more! During the term we have found out where and when the Aztecs lived, and about their Sun Stone, which was like a calendar. We explored arts and crafts, including weaving, jewellery, masks and headdresses. We made our own Codices - stories written in pictures. We researched family life, schools and food to create information posters. Finally we joined with Maple for an Aztec feast, dressed as Aztec warriors, and tried Aztec hot chocolate!
Picture 1 Aztec Feast
Picture 2 Cedar Class turn Aztec!
Picture 3 Aztec Ocarinas
Picture 4 Aztec dance and music
Picture 5 Aztec dance and music
Picture 6 The Aztec Sun Stone
Picture 7 Aztec Shields