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Super SPLASH Time!


Here in Maple we believe that the best learning happens through a magic mix of work and play...



We employ a SPLASH (Self-Initiated, Planning, Learning and Sharing) Time session every day, where the children are able to select and develop their own activities.  



SPLASH Time is central to the Reception curriculum, enabling children to consolidate more formal learning, trialling theories and inventions in a safe and supportive environment. Year 1 also join at least one SPLASH session a week (when they can find time in their busy learning schedules!), as we feel it remains important to enable open-ended learning that is entirely child-led. 



The children have free-flow access to the indoor and outdoor learning areas. We are fortunate enough to have a range of exciting spaces filled with interesting resources including a sensory room designed and decorated by our own (hard-working!) parents.



Whether you fancy constructing a life-size wooden rocket, buying and selling fruit and vegetables in the beach hut cafe, mixing your own cement for brick wall building, or strutting your stuff on the theatre stage, there is always something interesting to explore. Many children return to the same activity over a series of sessions and it is great to see thoughts and ideas growing. Similarly, the enthusiasm shown by children during 'sharing' time will often inspire others to take part in something completely new the following day.


Take a sneaky peek

Take a sneaky peek 1 Every builder needs a knight in shining armour!
Take a sneaky peek 2 Royal nappy changing time
Take a sneaky peek 3 Team work
Take a sneaky peek 4 King of the castle
Take a sneaky peek 5 Our SPLASH site manager!
Take a sneaky peek 6 Clever Classmate!
Take a sneaky peek 7 Do you have a license to drive here, Sir?
Take a sneaky peek 8 Mr Muscle
Take a sneaky peek 9 The Royal Baby
Take a sneaky peek 10 Dragon design class
Take a sneaky peek 11 A plumbing conundrum
Take a sneaky peek 12 Den building!
Take a sneaky peek 13 Enter if you dare...
Take a sneaky peek 14 Need for speed!
Take a sneaky peek 15 I wonder what'll happen if I drop this in here...

Over the Easter Holidays, something INCREDIBLE happened

While the children enjoyed the freedom of fun in the sun, the outdoor area fairies were hard at work. 

The excitement of the return to school turned gentle smiles into enormous grins, and quiet greetings into excited shouts. 

Welcome to a whole new world the playground declared! 

Still with yet more resources to be delivered, built, and even invented, the area is already bursting with wonder.

Here is a brief overview of our exciting new spaces so far:


* A properly developed Theatre area, complete with Box Office and floor-to-roof wall of posters advertising recent performances. Why not treat yourself to a show, popcorn and pizza available too!

* A phenomenally well stocked Construction Yard including shop, with trolley and wheelbarrow (for all important site deliveries!), as well as roadwork signs and barriers, pipes, bricks, bamboo chutes, guttering...

* An awesome new PD wall, ready to develop fine and gross motor. We have an abundance of paintbrushes and rollers for wall and window cleaning plus a great tennis ball target. 

* A beautiful Nursery area, with stunning new planter ready for Spring growing!

* An amazing Creative wall, quite literally a window of all things colourful, including a giant weaving frame, and awaiting the imminent delivery of acrylic painting panels and a splat-shaped chalkboard.

* A one-of-a-kind hand-built Exploring Station, including two sandpits and moveable water tray. This stunning new addition has completely rejuvenated one side of the playground, providing a multi-purpose decked area, a great use of the space and a site that I imagine will see a lot of use over the coming years.


Oh I could go on and on and on, but it would be far more exciting if you could come and visit for yourself sometime.

Until then, we'll continue to upload regular photos of our busy little people for you to enjoy.