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In Term 5 we are looking at light. We started by identifying the sources of light and immediately found out that the moon is not a source of light but reflection from sun. We also used a dark box to identify what colours allowed more or less light in. Below are some photos of their investigations. We also looked at shadows throughout the day and how they change. Below are photos of these investigations.
Picture 1 Sorting sources of light.
Picture 2 Sorting sources of light.
Picture 3 Debating.
Picture 4 Coming to agreement.
Picture 5 Deciding.
Picture 6 Looking into the dark box.
Picture 7 Measuring shadows throughout the day.
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Measuring shadows.
In Term 3 we looked at states of matter in Science - This is to do with gases, liquids and solids and how they interact. To start the topic the children looked at the molecular make up of solids, liquids and gases by acting out the molecules of each state in the school hall. They also went around the school looking at the different temperatures of different materials. Below are photos of what they got up to.

In term 2 our topic was Bottoms, Bile and Burps. We looked at the digestive system and teeth. The children really enjoyed the topic and learnt a lot. We were luck to have Mrs Day (a dental hygienist) come in and give a talk on the importance of looking after your teeth. Below you will see the children dressed up in the T shirts they made of the digestive system, alongside pictures shoeing Mrs Day's visit. The children also created their own stomachs out of zip bags and saw how the food is broken up in the stomach and the small and large intestines.


Mr Gaind

Teeth talk

Teeth talk 1 A Dentist.
Teeth talk 2
Teeth talk 3 Showing the effects of not brushing her teeth!
Teeth talk 4
Teeth talk 5
Teeth talk 6