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On Friday 8th January, Maple class were lucky enough receive a visit from a REAL firefighter!! Sophia's dad is Fireman Tim, and he very kindly agreed to come and talk to us about his job. We had worked hard all week learning about fire safety, 'sparked' by reading 'No Dragons for Tea' by Jean E Pendziwol & Martine Gourbault, and so this surprise visitor was very welcome indeed!


The children loved hearing all about the different jobs firefighters do - not just working with fire, they also help people who are locked out of their homes and who have been involved in car accidents. We were particularly fascinated to discover the fire service can help with buildings flooded by water by using their hoses. Having learnt that water is sprayed to put out a fire, Noah cleverly wondered if they therefore added fire to get rid of unwanted water...! An excellent idea, however it turns out that they use their hoses to pump the water back out - we were very intrigued to know that hoses could be used to spray out water and pump it back in again. I can see some water exploration occurring in the outdoor area next week...!


A huge thank you to Fireman Tim for taking the time to join us, and especially for sharing his firefighting equipment.

Here are a selection of photos of our marvellous Maple's being transformed...

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