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Snow Day 12th March 2013

 Willow Class - You need to complete the following tasks today as there is no school.

1/ In line with our unit on stories I would like you to write a short story set in a snowy landscape remembering to include setting, characters (fully descibed- not just their appearance), a good build up and problem/dilema and a resolution and ending. Please remember to use correct punctuation and spelling. Also lots of adjectives, adverbs and descriptive language. Astound me! I have put some pictures below to inspire you.

2/ To go with our recent look at internet safety can you design a mouse mat or a poster on internet safety. I shall put some links on this in a separate folder below to help you. This should be informative and show what the dangers are and how you make sure you are safe online.

3/ Go onto the blog and make sure you have completed all the recent challenges.

4/ Lastly send me some photographs of what the scene is like where you are to my e mail: Make sure you get your parents permission.
Picture 1 Another 2 Willows snowed in
Picture 2 My road by E.
Picture 3 One Willow's snowy dog!
Picture 4 Another Willow snowy garden!