Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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Science 03/02

Today (10/09/19) the children were understanding all about different forces, focusing on push and pull. They looked at different examples of when push and pull is needed to move an object.
Yesterday (17/09/19) the children were conducting a science experiment to see what materials create the most friction. They used 5 different items and made sure it was a fair test!

Science experimenting

Today, (15/10) the children were looking at magnets and why two opposite poles attract and two of the same repel. The children were given the challenge to try and stick two of the same poles together, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We then looked into why a magnet with a South Pole could still attract another South Pole to it! 

What an interesting lesson today (30/10/19). We were looking at plaque and how it is bad for your teeth. We were also looking at the importance of brushing consistently and properly. The children used plaque disclosing tablets to see the plaque they had on their teeth. It was eventful and the children enjoyed the lesson.


In our science lesson (08/11/19) we did an experiment to show the impact sugary drinks have on our teeth. The experiment was called plaque attack, the children loved seeing the reaction of what happens to our teeth when subjected to plaque.


Looking at fair tests and viscosity