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Residential - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

Day 1 - Wednesday
Elm Class arrived safe and sound in time for lunch. Having unpacked and eaten, we headed out for out first activities; team challenges and assault course. The children were full of energy and enthusiasm and had a good try at everything. They worked well together to solve problems and challenges. They are now looking forward to dinner and then a dark walk and games of sardines!

Day 2 - Thursday
We are alive and well, the sun is shining. Elm class enjoyed cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast too, so we are all refuelled and ready to go. Today we are off to archery, zip wire, crate stacking and mountain biking.

Thursday evening
We have had a great day. The weather stayed beautiful, if a little windy, for the whole day. The children were fantastic at having a go at everything and at overcoming their fears. We had lots of really proud moments! Archery was one of the most popular activities, with several children managing to shoot and pop the balloons on the targets and everyone improving their aim during the session. The zip wire was also very popular, but overall everyone agreed that they had enjoyed everything. We finished the day with a game of 'Owls and Mice' in the woods and some of the children proved themselves to be very adept at concealing themselves under bushes, behind shrubs and trees and at staying quiet and still - astounding!!

Day 3 - Friday Morning
We have mostly had a very good night's sleep. This morning we are off to the coast to learn about coastal erosion in a practical session. This afternoon we are looking forward to high ropes and a vertical challenge. 

Friday Evening
We have been so incredibly lucky with the weather; the sun has shone all day with bright blue skies as you can see in the photos. We have learnt about how the erosion of the coastline happens in Norfolk, the measures that are taken to try to prevent further damage and we have looked at photo evidence of the changes over time. We then recreated the effects of erosion on a miniature scale, by damming a stream with a sand wall and allowing the water to soak in from behind as the rain water does into the cliff. We then built sand castle houses on the beach and tried to protect them with our own defences with varying degrees of success. We all learnt lots and really enjoyed our beach morning.
This afternoon we took on the high ropes and vertical challenges and when we reflected this evening on what achievements we had accomplished, there was plenty to talk about. This evening the children went off in groups night orienteering across the site, with one group completing all the checkpoints in the time given. Many of the children had not used a compass before, but soon got the hang of it. It was a really good day and we still have one to go! 

Day 4 - Saturday
Having packed up all our things, we enjoyed our last breakfast at Hilltop and headed for the climbing wall and the power fan. The sun shone again, although it was a little deceptive today as it was also bitterly cold! All the children had the chance to complete two different climbs and have two goes on the power fan. Some of climbs were easier than others and everyone had the chance to try at challenging themselves at their level. The power fan was a big hit! Now we are enjoying a hot lunch before boarding the coach and heading home. 
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