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Residential Day 2

The day started very EARLY! Mr Foulds wasn't very happy as all the children were awake before he had the chance to wake them up (one of his favourite things to do......he's EVIL!). Anyway, off we went an our next adventurous task.  Our activities today were rock scramble, postman's walk and crates. Postman's walk proved to be the most challenging as we had to put all our trust in ropes and wires as we climbed up and up and up. What made it particularly challenging was that the ropes and wires would wobble as you walked along them.
Rock scrambling was great fun. We ducked and weaved through the rocks, slid and jumped over the rocks and climbed and crawled through the rocks. Finally we had to hang tough for as long as possible. Miss Gaind broke a nail and was the only one that cried on this activity. The only time Mr Foulds nearly cried was when they told him he couldn't have thirds for dinner.
With these two activities out of the way we moved on to the record breaking crates, where we had to climb up as many crates as we could before they all came crashing down. George and Richard managed a whopping 15 crates.
The evening provided us with much laughter and hilarity as we put on a talent show for the instructors. This included some angelic singing, ultimate high-fiving, incredible impersonations and finally an X-factor spoof.
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