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Residential Day 1

After a relatively short drive, 19 over-excited children got off the bus and got stuck straight into their first activity. A variety of problems had to be solved including: getting a team through a spiders web; having to negotiate through shark infested waters and get everyone over an electric fence. Once these rather physical and brain draining activities had been completed we had lunch (something Mr Foulds was in dire need of). Full up and ready for action, it was time to get wet and conquer any fear of heights.


Canoeing was awesome but very cold. We had to listen for carp parp, wash our hair and pretend we were a washing machine. Our first high ropes action was called all aboard, where we had to climb up 35ft and stand on a platform no bigger than half a school desk. Once four people had got to the top we then had to jump off…………………just as well we were harnessed and roped up.


Quote of the day: "What the heck is Shepherd’s Pie? I am not eating that…………..10 minutes later…….Wow! I really like this mince and potato thing. I’m having seconds."

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