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Reporter of the fortnight archive

This fortnight, Scarlett has written about Pentecost day:


In the past two weeks, we have celebrated Pentecost, by holding a Pentecost Day. It was very fun and we got to go round each classroom, which had their own activity. In Elm class we did cake decorating, in Willow there was cheese rolling, in Cedar we did origami dove making and in Maple we crafted windmills. This reminded us that it was the church's birthday and that Penetcost was when the Holy Spirit came, like a strong wind, to bring peace and allow us to spread the news of Jesus.


Lauren has written about our visit from the Bishop of Rochester:


This term we were lucky enough to have the Bishop of Rocehster come into our school. In the afternoon we had a special collective worship, where Elm did a powerpoint, Willow read poems, Maple wrote what they loved about school and Cedar wrote prayers. The Bishop spoke to us about Jesus, talking mainly about the Good Shepherd, as he explained what his staff represented. We also prepared some questions for him, like: 'Why do you do what you do?' 'How do you know what God is ssaying to you?' and 'Have you always wanted to be a Bishop?' Afterwards, Ethan and I gave him a tour of the school.


This fortnight, Luke has written about what we have been up to in Science:


Last week we learnt about evolution and that Charles Darwin came up with the theory. We also did a hunt to find worms (coloured pieces of string) in the nature area. We found that there were less red worms than brown worms, because the brown ones were camouflaged to their surroundings . When we came back to the classroom we drew a bar chart to show the number of worms of each colour we found, and discussed the reasons why there were more brown worms - they were hidden from predators and survived to reproduce.


Mitchell has also written about our work in English:


In English we have been learning about poems and poetry so we can understand it more. We started by highlighting sentences of personification which is where an inanimate object does something a human would do. E.G: The wind whistled in his ears as snow flew at him.

Every house in the school went round the different classes to learn about different faiths. They were Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Judaism.


In Hinduism we learnt about their God and that they have a special place of worship in North West India. Muslims worship Allah and believe in the 5 pillars. Their book is the Holy Quran. Sikhs have a holy book called the Guu Granth Sahib, and they feast and worship in a Gurdwara.


by Logan.

Elm class went on lots of science trips this week. The person who taught us, told us about how scientisits can have special powers and also about water. There were volunteers and only Poppy and Luke got picked. Luke was in a competition and Poppy built a bridge. Luke won the competition called float or sink but also got very wet!


by Sienna.


Last week (in our Geography lesson) we did non-chronological reports on the I-pads. We had to research an animal from the polar regions and how they are adapted to life there. Then we used pic-colage or comic life to create an eye catching report about our animal. Then, once we had finished, we printed two copies, one for our books, and one for a class book.


By Poppy

Last term we learnt baout WW2, it was so much fun! We came to school one day as evacuees. In the morning, we made honey cakes and carrot cookies, using recipes from the time, and sewed our own bunting using scraps of fabric and thread. We sang some WW2 songs, which was great fun. Then we had our parents come in, and we showed them some of the amazing work that we had been up to.


By Isobel.


Last term we learnt about sound in science. I think it is very weird how we hear sound; using small bones and the ear drum inside our ear. We know this because we looked inside a human ear, discovering the different parts, naming them and writing what they do. We also learnt about what a sound can travel through: gas, solid and liquid.


By Luke

In English, this term, we have been basing our writing on a book called, 'Goodnight Mr Tom.' This book is set in WW2, around the time the children were being evacuated. Writing letters, drawing settings, creating character descriptions and producing diary entries, we've been taught how to make our writing the best it can be. 'Goodnight Mr Tom' is a story about a young boy called Willie, who has a very hard time at home, but meets a man called Tom, who is his host family guardian, and Willie learns about new and interesting things. The books is amazing and it really shows everyone in the class what it would be like in WW2. I think everyone in Elm would reccommend the book to read or write about.


I really enjoy English, we focus and get our learning done, whilst having fun. Our teacher, Mrs- Taylor Hicks, and teaching assistant, Mrs Duffy, always make all of our lessons fun and interesting.


By Lauren