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Pantomime Parade

 We spent a day making lanterns, which we took to be part of the parade in Sevenoaks for the turning on of the Christmas Lights.
This report was written for the school newsletter.
“We had some visitors from a theatre group come to work with us to help us design the Mother Goose’s dress and the egg lanterns which are going to be used for the children to parade down Sevenoaks High Street on the 25th November.

The framework was made from withy willow that was bent into several different shapes of different sizes.  They were either circular or fish shaped.  Then the shapes were put together to make the outer shell of the egg lantern.  Next we had to sellotape it all together making sure we didn’t miss anything.  Then we glued the tissue paper which was thin but tough enough not to tear, to the egg lantern.  

On the day we are going to hook some lights onto the top of the lantern and turn them on.  It will look like a magical glistening shiny egg.”
By Caleb Beresford, Ellie Daniell and Owen Heanue
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