Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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Maple's Cake and Candle Sale

From observing the children in play an interest in shops was emerging so we thought what a fantastic learning opportunity it would be to become real life shop keepers!


But how and for what purpose?? Well the children absolutely love baking so a cake sale was quickly suggested by the children and through this came our purpose. Having to use the oven in the school kitchen is quite inconvenient,  if only we could have our own mini oven and hob in the classroom baking and cooking would be so much easier! In addition to our cakes we also had some glass candle holders in our cupboard and thought decorating and selling these could also go towards making a profit- The Great Cake and Candle sale project had begun! 


All week the children made posters to advertise our sale and let everyone know about our target. They made price tags, bunting and labels for the stall and everyone contributed. What fantastic teamwork Maple! Everyone made a candle holder and some children chose to make made more than one for the cause. On Thursday it was time to bake and the children managed to make and decorate over 50 fairy cakes! Using their maths skills of weighing, balancing and doubling they were able to measure the ingredients independently. 


Friday was the big day and the children excitedly set up the stall and waited for their customers. The children made an amazing £70 which FOSBS have kindly offered to double! A big thank you goes to our amazing parents who were extremely generous as usual. 


Just another fantastic week in Maple class, children leading their own learning and working as a super team!