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Welcome to Maple!


Maple Class is made up of the Reception aged pupils of 

Sundridge and Brasted Primary School... 

We currently have 17 pupils who are led by a staff team of Class Teacher, Mrs Taylor-Morton

and Teaching Assistants, Mrs Yates and Mrs Scott.



Our classroom is designed for the children to be independent in accessing activities and equipment, with space for quiet and shared sessions, as well as use of a rapidly developing outdoor learning environment. Our indoor and outdoor ‘learning zones’ encompass resources for the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 

We are a very friendly and outgoing class with a keen interest in exploration and every day brings a fresh challenge which we can’t wait to meet. 2012 delivered us the opportunity to experience our very own 'forest school' - exciting times! 2013 supported the evolution of a fantastic indoor sensory room, and the beginnings of our outdoor area redevelopment. Now in 2015 we are deeply involved in environment transformation once again, and the very proud owners of an amazing new outdoor space with yet more improvements still to come! Huge thanks go to all those families and local businesses who have contributed to these awesome projects. 




Want to know more? Come and see for yourself what makes Maple Class the best place to be...


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Maple Web Page Feedback

The Maple web page is constantly growing, just like the children in class, but it would be really useful to hear feedback on how you'd like the site to develop. Is there something special that we do each week that your child would like us to share examples of? Can any parents and carers think of any useful web links or documents you would like signposting to? Please take the time to send us a message and we'll see what we can do!