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Learning instructions through cooking

 Mrs Taylor-Hicks taught a lesson on instructions and used cooking to underline how a recipe was a set of instructions. She told the class all about the layout of a recipe and taught them imperative (bossy) verbs and the use of time connectives. The children learnt a lot from this lesson and had fun at the same time, which is the way we like it in Willow class! Here are some photos to show how the children enjoyed this great experience. They also enjoyed the end result: Chocolate Fridge cake!
Thank you, Mrs Taylor-Hicks.
Mr Gaind
Picture 1 Cooking in Willow
Picture 2 Mixing the ingredients in the bowl. Willow cooking
Picture 3 Delicious! Cooking in Willow.
Picture 4 Mixing the ingredients!
Picture 5 Mr Gaind with matching apron!
Picture 6 Cutting it up carefully! Willow cooking.
Picture 7 Sorting a set of instructions.
Picture 8 Reading scales
Picture 9 Weighing
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Yummy!
Picture 13 Mixing it up!
Picture 14 Willow cooking in English!
Picture 15
Picture 16 Mixing!
Picture 17 Putting the ingredients in the dish. (Willow)