Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world

Kindness week

We held a kindness week in school. This began with Mrs. Taylor-Hicks reading us a story about ‘filling our buckets’ in collective worship. The idea behind this is that when we are kind to one another, we fill up an imaginary bucket with good thoughts, words and feelings. If we are unkind, we dip into these buckets, and our own too. Back in class, we designed our own buckets, thinking about the sort of things we could to to fill them up as a helpful visual reminder for the week ahead.
We thought about our families and how we sometimes need to work as a team to achieve different things. One of the things we came up with, was if someone is feeling unhappy, the other family members could work as a team to cheer them up. We used this as a starting point to discuss all of the kind things that our families do for us and how we can show kindness to them, and then we made a kindness paper chain to list all of our ideas.