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Interactive Maths Lesson

 Mrs Taylor Hicks taught the class a lesson on capacity as part of her GTP year. She got them into the hall to make fruit juice cocktails using their measuring and reading scales skills. They firstly had to make a 500 ml cocktail out of the fruit juices she had acquired. This involved them working out the amounts using their addition, skills including column addition. As you can see not only was there some great learning but also fun. She was ably assisted by Mr Gaind and Mrs Kelly. The children agreed it was a fantastic lesson.
Mr Gaind
Picture 1 Enjoying the fruits of their labour.
Picture 2 Willow maths lesson in the hall.
Picture 3 All of Willow Class learning.
Picture 4 Working hard!
Picture 5 Everyone working hard as Mr Gaind likes it!
Picture 6
Picture 7 Willow working hard.
Picture 8 Good working out! Good working out!
Picture 9 Mrs Taylor Hicks discusses the task.
Picture 10 Lots of good discussion
Picture 11 Measuring with accuracy.
Picture 12
Picture 13 Carefully reading the scales!
Picture 14 Willow's finished cocktails.
Picture 15 Willow class say cheers!