Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world


The core text approach ensures that the curriculum available to the children is blended. This in turn enables children to link the knowledge and skills that they are learning from across subjects. These links ensure that as they grow up, and when faced with a challenge, all children have a wider scope for solution. Knowledge that all learning is linked and not subject specific, supports resilience and is crucial when developing a growth mindset.


Our Progression of Skills documents ensure that each subject is carefully considered, covered assessed and linked across all the age groups. Knowledge of the skills needed in each subject is shared by all staff across the school ensuring that progression in each subject is accurate.


Our Recovery Curriculum has been implemented successfully across the school. All pupils have used the same four core texts, all of which focus on characters who have to overcome fears, build resilience and work in collaboration in order to succeed. Teachers have successfully kept these texts the center of the curriculum, ensuring that skills are taught, including resilience, independence and a growth mindset. Our pupils are centered, behaviour for learning is high and successful collaboration is apparent in all classes and on the playground