Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world

Home School Agreement



To help your children do their best we will ensure that we:


Pursue excellence for and from every child.
Encourage your child to do their best in everything they undertake.
Value and celebrate the pride taken by your child when completing work.
Regularly reinforce the School Code so that all the children understand its central importance in a successful learning community and learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
Care for your child’s safety and happiness within a supportive, Christian community and environment.
Communicate with you on a regular basis; keeping you well informed about general school matters via our newsletters and more specifically about your child’s progress through consultations, target setting and annual reports.
Invite, listen and respond to your views as quickly and effectively as possible, providing an open and welcoming culture for parents and children within which we can work together to achieve success.
Provide a balanced, stimulating and challenging curriculum with clear lesson objectives alongside enrichment opportunities so that children are inspired by their learning.
Ensure your child knows how to improve through discussion, marking and feedback, personal targets and success criteria.
Enforce a zero tolerance to bullying.



To help our child we will do our best to ensure that we:


Build a positive partnership with the school for the benefit of our child.

Ensure our child attends regularly, arrives by 8:55 am and is properly equipped. Clearly label all personal items with checks being made at the beginning of each term.

Encourage our child to be organised and reliably responsible for themselves and their belongings.

Inform the school of any absence by telephone before 9:30 am on the first absent day and confirm reasons for absence by letter/absence note on our child’s return.

Avoid term time holidays and any absences which are not vital or due to illness.

Support the school’s values, school code and discipline policy by encouraging a positive attitude towards school.

Encourage our child’s efforts and celebrate their achievements.

Provide a quiet workspace for homework and support our child with homework set.

Attend parent consultations and bring any concerns to the school’s attention.

Encourage our child to go to bed at a sensible time during the week so they are at their best to learn in school.

Encourage careful selection of online activity, game and film media, to ensure it is appropriate for our child’s age.

Inform the school about any factors, including medical information, which may affect our child’s work, welfare or behaviour.

Encourage our child to eat healthily and take part in extra-curricular activities.

Ensure our child wears correct school uniform at all times.



I will do my best to:


Attend regularly and arrive punctually and properly equipped.

Behave responsibly and abide by the school code.

Try hard and show pride in my work.

Complete my homework on time and to the best of my ability.

Be polite, respect other people and their property and be responsible for the care of my own possessions.

Respect the school buildings and grounds and keep them tidy.

Go to bed at a sensible time.

Treat all adults in school with respect at all times.

Tell my teacher if anything is worrying me.

Remember to check and respect the age guidelines on websites, films and games I watch and play.