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Hindleap Warren June 2012 - Day 4

Our last full day at Hindleap!

After another delicious breakfast, one group boarded one of the Hindleap minibuses and headed off to Ardingly Reservoir where we split up into groups to try out our canoeing skills with proper paddles. We discovered that some of us were good at going forwards and backwards, and others were good at turning, but as we were in different boats, it took quite a long time (and a bit of help from the instructors!) to get to where we were aiming for! We played some games, and finished by jumping in and getting very wet!! While we were doing this, the other group were in the pool learning their basic canoeing skills, and then trying to better our scores at archery. After lunch it was all change, with the second group heading off to the reservoir for their turn in the canoes, while the first group tried the high adventure activities - our instructor declared that we were so fearless, that after the inclined log and the catwalk, we headed straight for the trapeze! Following dinner, it was time for some "relaxation", which seemed to involve a lot of running around and hiding from each other, before hot chocolate and bed.
Picture 1 Pool Canoeing
Picture 2 After canoeing! - morning group
Picture 3 Archery
Picture 4 Archery
Picture 5 Archery
Picture 6 Before canoeing - afternoon group
Picture 7 Canoeing - afternoon group
Picture 8 Canoeing - afternoon group
Picture 9 Canoeing - afternoon group
Picture 10 Canoeing - morning group
Picture 11 Canoeing - morning group
Picture 12 Canoeing - morning group
Picture 13 Canoeing - morning group
Picture 14 Evening relaxation!
Picture 15 Evening relaxation!
Picture 16 Getting ready to canoe - morning group
Picture 17 High adventures - the Trapeze
Picture 18 High adventures - the Trapeze
Picture 19 High adventures - the Trapeze
Picture 20 High adventures - the Trapeze
Picture 21 High adventures - the Trapeze
Picture 22 High adventures - the Trapeze