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Hindleap Warren June 2012 - Day 1

It has been non-stop since we arrived. After our initial talk, we had time to try and put our duvet covers on and unpack, before a guided tour of the buildings. After a lunch of fish fingers and chips, and a fire drill to check we knew what to do, we split into our two activity groups -one group showed off their climbing skills, while the other group got extremely competitive at archery. Following a drinks break, the second group had some climbing wall challenges, while the first group got very wet and muddy on the obstacle course. Dinner this evening was roast chicken, with jam doughnuts for dessert! We then undertook our first room inspection - not bad for the first night - scores ranged from 5 to 7.5 out of 10 - but definitely room for improvement! Then we headed off into the forest for a nightwalk (well, a "duskwalk") - never let the boys choose the direction, as they seem to be very good at finding very muddy puddles and the lowest bushes to walk through! Finally, we had a game of football before hot chocolate.
Picture 1 Nighthike and football
Picture 2 Climbing Wall
Picture 3 Climbing Wall
Picture 4 Obstacle Course and Archery
Picture 5 Obstacle Course and Archery
Picture 6 Obstacle Course and Archery
Picture 7 Climbing Wall
Picture 8 Climbing Wall
Picture 9 Nighthike and football
Picture 10 Nighthike and football