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In term 3 we have looked at shape poetry and calligrams. 

A calligram is a poem where a word or phrase is arranged so it creates a visual image (picture) of what the words say or mean. The word comes from Guillaume Appollinaire who invented them in 1918. Here are some examples:

In the photos below you will see the children's examples. 


Calligrams 1
Calligrams 2
Calligrams 3
Calligrams 4
Calligrams 5
Calligrams 6
Calligrams 7
Calligrams 8
Calligrams 9
Calligrams 10
Calligrams 11
Calligrams 12
Calligrams 13
Calligrams 14
Calligrams 15
Calligrams 16
Calligrams 17
Calligrams 18
Calligrams 19
Calligrams 20

Harvest Festival Information about Alms

For the Harvest Festival this year Willow Class wrote poems on Harvest. Here are some of the fantastic examples produced.



Mr Gaind



Nuts in the tree fall down below,

While the leaves shake and shudder,

Then the animals hop out of their huts,

For the nuts and corn and meat from the pheasants.


The tractor chops while the sweet corn softly blows,

The glimmering sun burns the soft fresh yellow corn,

And the green apples softly turn red like strawberry juice.


By Luca



Harvest festival is about celebrating,

Autumn leaves turn brown and fall to the ground,

Respect the things you have,

Vegetables cooking in a pan, a delicious roast lamb,

Eating scrumptious dinners,

Shining stars in the dark blue sky,

Tractors cutting crops in the frosty mornings.


Frosty and crispy mornings,

Evenings are cold and dark,

Same at night,

Time for saying prayers of thanks,

In our warm and cosy houses,

Vast are fields with crops aplenty,

A herd of sheep gather in the field,

Lots of people to church proceed.


By Blissy


Thank you God for the combine harvester,

So all the crops can have a chop,

It is amazing seeing the downfall of the different types of crops,

Thank you Lord for the lovely things we see,

My favourite thing to do is to watch the gentle dropping of the brightly coloured leaves.


By Eve



Autumn are the days we love,

Red leaves have fallen of the trees,

Vegetables are shared out in church,

Every Harvest Festival we pray,

Seeds are planted in the soil,

Trees drop leaves and autumn comes.


Farms are filled with crops,

Everyone is happy because they are fed,

Sunshine shining everywhere,

Tractors driving around the fields,

Into the farm house go the crops.


By Aleena


Scare crows scaring all the crows,

Children eating juicy carrots,

Men and women looking at the prices on the labels in the shops,

Conkers falling on my head,

Giving food and alms to the poor,

Framers harvesting the last of the crops.


Crunchy leaves as loud as crickets on a summer’s day,

Flowers dying in the cold breeze,

Children settling down beside a lovely hot fire,

Everyone cheering, autumns here!

Fruit and berries you can always eat,

Corn and pop corn coming here!


By Samuel



Thank you for the crops so sweet

Thank you for the delicious wheat

Giving things to the poor

The poor I will give more


The seeds planted so long ago

We want them to quickly grow

Leaves falling of the trees

Picking vegetables like scrumptious peas.


Thank you thank you thank you God

Eating yummy healthy food like peas in a pod

I look forward to today

With scarecrows out, crows do not hang about.


All the hay and crops are piling high

And my face is joyfully smiling

Today we thank the Lord

For all the crops and water poured.

So thank you our Lord


By Connor




Thank you for the crops

Thank you for sun and rain

Thank you for the fields and grass

Thank you for the little seeds

Thank you for the farms and farmers


Oh thank the Lord that you can provide

Thank you for the autumn leaves

Thank you for the fruit and berries

Oh thank you for the soil to plant the seeds

Thank you God for all you give.


Oh thank you Lord for autumn trees

Thank you for the orange leaves

Thank you for all you give to everybody

Oh thanks for hay to feed the animals

Thank you for the celebration.


By Jared