Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

You are the light of the whole world


We are reading the book : Holes by Louis Sachar. In this lesson, we read the chapter about the yellow-spotted lizard and used all the information we learnt to draw it, trying to be as accurate as possible. We then justified our artistic choices using quotes from the text, or turned this information into a non-chronological report.
In English we are improving our narrative skills, by looking at the three important story elements more closely: plot, character and setting. We have started by focusing on character and describing them successfully. In this lesson, we looked at examples of dialogue from our class book - Kensuke’s Kingdom - and discussed how the author used adverbs, verbs, actions and punctuation to give us information about the characters, their thoughts and feelings, through dialogue.
As part of our learning surrounding 'Kensuke's Kingdom' we worked on writing descriptive sentences. Using the artwork in the book, we thought about the nouns that appeared in the images, and came up with an adjective, verb and adverb to describe them. We recorded these on post it notes and then rearragned them to create sentences that used different word orders, before applying these skills to our own independent writing.
We are focusing on the genre of non-chronological reports. To begin, we were given a report that had been cut up - on our tables we had to order this, and then discuss the purpose of each section and spot the language features that it used.
In English, we have been developing our description by writing about aliens, using Ronald Dahl’s ‘Vermicious Knids’ as our starting point. Now, we are working on storyboarding a short film starring our aliens, which we will work in teams to produce.
Our finished moon myths
We are learning about the myths and legends genre at the moment. To begin, we read two myths based on the moon in our table groups and then used flow maps to summarise the main points of each story. Then we spotted any features that we thought demonstrated how they belonged to the myth genre.
We are learning to write adventure stories at the moment. We discussed how a story opener should always introduce the setting, plot or character. Looking at an example, we highlighted what we found out about these three things, and then used these ideas to write our own openers.

Year 6 factfiles about the hierarchy of Ancient Egypt

To start our English learning, we took a trip up to the churchyard. Here, we took photographs of our surroundings from different distances. Then, we went back to the classroom, where we worked in pairs to generate some descriptive language, which we will use in our writing.