Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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English 03/02

In Willow today (5th September) we did a role playing hot seating activity. We had 2 lovely volunteers playing the roles of Pandora and Prometheus. The children asked them questions 1 year on after Pandora opened the box and unleashed all the bad things in the world (such as old age and death). It was a great interactive lesson that the children thoroughly enjoyed!
Today in English (09/09/19) we started coming up with ideas about a modern myth. The children were discussing possible modern myth ideas that link to Pandora's box. In this myth they have to discover or do something in school which causes something bad to happen (Eg. pushing a button they shouldn't and setting off all the alarms). The children are thoroughly enjoying this task and can't wait to write up their myth on Thursday!
Yesterday, (17/09/19) we created freeze frames from a scene in the myth Theseus and the Minotaur. Some of our children struggled with the acting and couldn’t stop laughing. It was a great lesson.
Some wonderful work in literacy this past week. The children have been creating there own superhero through a wanted poster (they were fantastic!). They are now preparing to write their myths by looking at inverted commas (speech marks) and have been using verbs and adverbs to describe different actions their mythical creature might do. 
In English this past week we have been looking at the myth Icarus and Daedalus. They have been writing a diary entry from Daedalus’s perspective. This week (14/10) the children are writing persuasive letters to King Minos to convince him to let Daedalus and his son back on the island. We looked at the term alibi and when it is used!

Understanding what a calligram is.

Debating the existence of the Yeti!