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Welcome to Elm Class!

This year, our class has 25 children each in year 5 or 6. We are the top of the school so we set the example for all the children in the lower years. Our teacher during Mrs. Taylor - Hicks's maternity leave is Mrs Khatib and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Scott. We are an independent class, so we do things for ourselves rather than the teacher doing it for us. Working as a team is very important as we have a team point jar - we put stones in the jar for when we are working well as a team - and we get a class treat if the jar is full. Our behaviour chart is where we get tallies if we work well and whoever has the most tallies at the end of the day is star of the day. Also, we learn lots of different topics across the year and have lots of fun. All of the year 6s in our class have different responsibilities, such as: house captains, who take care of their houses and sports captains, who help with sporting activities.


By Hannah

This term’s topic:


This term, Elm class' topic is all about Mexico and invovles lots of geography. I find it very interesting how they celebrate 'The Day of the Dead' to remember everyone that is no longer with them. It's also very interesting that they have a desert named after a dog since that breed comes from Mexico (the Chihuahua) I'm not sure if it's true or not, but some people say that the Mexicans have a Taco Tuesday - sounds like it's not true to me!


by Oscar

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