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Welcome to Elm class! We are 23 year 5 and 6 children, making us the eldest class in the school and the most responsible. We all love being taught by Mrs Taylor - Hicks, and for this term she teaches us everyday, except for Monday afternoons, when we have the lovely Mrs. Street for French and a P.E coach. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Duffy and she is really kind. We’re a hardworking class who love school and are always learning new things. Teamwork, perseverance, setting the example and independence are key, and the best thing about Elm class is that it is a happy classroom, where our teacher motivates us and we are always having fun. We like to be kind and encouraging and always persevere in all we do.


In year 5 and 6 we have a buddy, which means we look after the children in Year R. In year 6 we also take on various roles, such as house captains, head boy and girl, prefects and sports captains.


By Elm Class


Our Topic:


This term we are learning about forces, which is mainly a science topic called 'Scream Machine!' where we are using rollercoasters to help us in our learning. We're learning about different types of forces, like: air resistance, gravity and friction. Learning about  forces will be fun because in science we do fun tests, and I'm sure there will be lots of great experiements we can do with forces!


By Maddox

Reporter of the fortnight

Each fortnight, a different member of Elm class will write a short article about something they have learnt, or something they have been up to.


This week, Philippa ahs written about what we've been up to in class:


In the past two weeks, we've had our go-givers campaign, to raise awareness and support for the refugee crisis, play rehearsals and lots to do with our topic. Whilst we are busy rehearsing individual performances for our production of 'Joseph', in the classroom we are designing our own theme parks; these can be as realsitic or as imaginative as we like. Also, we could have themed them on something like: water, danger, food or films. The past two weeks in Elm have been really fun.




Take a look at Dylan's homework - an excellent lego rollercoaster video!

Amazing work!

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Learning hero of the week:                               Wow work of the week:


                                        Ruby                                     Alfie                                                                                                                                     

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We, as pupils, learn to experience the joy and satisfaction of creativity. Our teachers want us to develop lively, enquiring minds, together with a positive desire to learn, question and discuss and apply ourselves intelligently to tasks.

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Our timetable can change week to week and will alter slightly between terms and topics. For term 6, here's what a typical week may look like:
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