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Day One

We have enjoyed an action-packed first day at residential! After a safe arrival, we enjoyed a lovely lunch of huge baguettes and then the children had the task of making their beds...the staff were greatly amused! Thankfully the weather cleared up, so we were able to visit the town of Hardelot, where everyone bought postcards and stamps before heading down the to the beach. The beach was beautiful, and a great place to play. We returned to the centre for a 3 course meal, followed by fun on the low ropes course. Then, it was off to bed, to get some rest before another busy day!

Day Two:

Another full day's activities on the Opal Coast started with a room inspection by Mrs Taylor Hicks with room for improvement across the board. After a hearty continental breakfast it was off to Montreuil to look around this lovely town and complete a quiz in both English and French. The children got a lot of learning and fun from this activity! Next it was lunch in a lovely bistro in the town square and then off to the snail farm where the children showed their bravery and respect by all having a go at different snail delicacies and handling the snails. They learnt lots such as the fact that a snail has 15,000 teeth! We then went back to the centre and took full advantage of the facilities as you can see from the photos below. We have the makings of a great volleyball team!! After another traditional 3 course French dinner and a quiz on French vocabulary, we settled around a camp fire and sang songs and took part in an hilarious shopping list memory game. The children as ever were brilliant!!

Day 3

Day 3 started with another room inspection with lots of improvement. We then headed to Etaples Market and the children wandered around conversing in French and buying different items and produce. The strawberries were to die for. After this we walked to the Marias museum which was all about fishing and was full of local fish and interactive exhibits. They were able to stroke the rays in a huge tank. We then had lunch provided by the centre in a local park next door. Next stop was the World War One cemetery at Etaples which was very moving. The children showed great respect and wrote some very poignant poems to describe the experience. After this we went back to the beach and had an excellent time once again in the glorious sunshine. Mr Gaind even brought everyone ice creams. Back at the centre after another excellent three course meal the children were able to utilise the facilities at the centre once again before bed. More fun tomorrow!

Day Four

Day Four started with the children stripping their beds and packing their bags. Interesting!! Then we went to the Boulangerie where the children learnt all about a French bakery including how bread, croissants and Pain au chocolat are made. Who would have thought Marie Antoinette had a role to play in croissants! The children had a go in making their own as can be seen in the photos below. A big thank you to Mr Prestage for his excellent translation. Next it was to the high ropes course at Opalaventure. All the children had a go on this tough course and all the adults were extremely proud of them. After a packed lunch at the high ropes it was off to the Eurotunnel and home.

A big thank you to Mrs Taylor Hicks for leading another hugely successful residential and to Mrs Scott for her equal commitment and hard work. Lastly a huge thank you to Matthew Prestage who really jumped in and encouraged and supported the children in every aspect of the trip having only met them very briefly on one occasion. I am looking forward to future trips!