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Brighton Sea Life Trip

On the 29th April Willow class went on a school trip to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton to kick off our topic for this term: The Blue Abyss. We travelled down in two mini buses with Mrs Osman, Mrs Esposito and Mrs Churchill ably assisting Mr Gaind and Mrs Yates. As part of the trip the children took a ride on the electric railway along the sea front which afforded them some great views of Brighton and much fun was had. We learnt that this was the world's oldest electric railway having been opened in 1883. Once we got to the Sea Life Centre the children enjoyed a workshop on food chains before having lunch in the Auditorium whilst watching the turtles, sharks and Rays swimming feet away. Next was the tour of the centre and meeting all sorts of different sea creatures. Have a look at the photos to see what they got up to. Lots of learning to take forward in all our subjects this term.


Mr Gaind

Picture 1 Full steam ahead! Or should that be volts?
Picture 2 Enjoying the ride.
Picture 3 Willow Class on board.
Picture 4
Picture 5 Watch out there's a crab behind you!
Picture 6 Oh well - He didn't listen.
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Look Mr Gaind, a shark!
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Brighton Sea front.
Picture 13 Listening to the workshop.
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16 Lunch with the sea creatures.
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 Scary!!!
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24 Feeling the crab.
Picture 25
Picture 26 Up close with the turtles.
Picture 27
Picture 28 Swimming with turtles.
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32