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In term 6 our topic was Flow looking at rivers. The children studied art associated with water and rivers. They looked at Canal Art and then created their own on clay pots. Here are some photos showing what they got up to.


In term 5 our topic was Urban warriors and we looked at urban artists and graffiti. The children used the playground to highlight what they had learnt. Here are some photos displaying them at work.

Keith Haring in Art

In Term 5 our topic is 'Urban Warriors', looking at urban art and graffiti. To kick it off we looked at Keith Haring (a famous urban artist) and decided to create our own Keith Haring figures. Mrs Street took the children to the playground with some chalk and asked them to work in pairs chalking their own silhouette in various positions. The children had great fun and as you can see from the photos produced some interesting silhouettes. They then took photos of them with the I Pads and back at the classroom they reproduced these in bright colours. The results are outstanding!


Mr Gaind

Picture 1 Keith Haring
In Term 3 our topic was 'Misty Mountain Sierra'. The children looked at different artists and then produced their own abstract paintings blending colour . Here they are on display in the classroom. I'm sure you'll agree they are very good!

Mountain Paintings

Mountain Paintings 1
Mountain Paintings 2
Mountain Paintings 3
Mountain Paintings 4
Mountain Paintings 5
Mountain Paintings 6
Mountain Paintings 7
Our topic in Term 1 was Gods and Mortals looking at the Ancient Greeks. The children created Greek masks showing comedy and tragedy. Here are some of their masks.

Greek Masks

Greek Masks 1 Tragedy
Greek Masks 2 Comedy
Greek Masks 3
Greek Masks 4
Greek Masks 5 Tragedy
Greek Masks 6
Greek Masks 7
Greek Masks 8
Greek Masks 9
Greek Masks 10
Greek Masks 11
Greek Masks 12

In Term 2 we looked at the Human body and the digestive system as part of our topic: Burps, bottoms and bile. Here is some of the work completed by the children.



Mr Gaind

Human body and digestive system

Human body and digestive system 1 The human digestive system.
Human body and digestive system 2
Human body and digestive system 3 The human heart.
Human body and digestive system 4 Digestive system.
Human body and digestive system 5 Lungs.
Human body and digestive system 6 Heart.
Human body and digestive system 7 Brain.
Human body and digestive system 8 Digestive system.