Sundridge and Brasted CE Primary School

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Archived topic paragraphs

Term 1:


In Elm class, we are learning about Ancient Egypt. So far, we have learnt that the Egyptians believed in an afterlife when they died, and that they planned a lot for it. If they were a Pharaoh or a rich person, they would be buried in a pyramid with all of their belongings. Egyptians would take out people's intestines, lungs, liver and stomach before they created a mummy - this was called mummification.


By Nathan

Term 2:


This term we are learning about space! Firstly, we learnt about the planets, how big they are and how far they are from the sun. In English, we have written descriptive paragraphs about the moon, and we have also looked closely at the moon's appearance. I can't wait to see what this term gives us!


By Lilia


WW1 week:


In the first week of term, Elm class learnt all about WW1. Did you know that is it the 100th anniversary of it ending? We have learnt what the trenches were like - there were hundreds - you could get many different diseases, like trench foot, which is where your foot rots. Millions of people died, just for us, and now we remember them with poppies because poppies were the first things to grow in the battle fields. 


By Aleena

Term 3:

This term we are learning about ‘Gallery Rebels’ which is to do with art. We will be looking into three types of art: Impressionism, Expressionism and Surrealism. Already, we have done some research on Impressionism, which started in France. I am looking forward to learning more.


by Lola