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Last term our topic was Mexico, but this term it's I.D. It's a Science based topic about our identity. It's about: DNA, features, genetics, character etc. It seems like an exciting topic and I can't wait to learn more about it.


by Jessi


Our new topic is I.D which stands for Identity. Our identity includes our finger prints, or what colour eyes we have. Basically, it is all about what makes you, you!


by Grace

This term we are studying the topic of Mexico. We have learnt about where Mexico is on a world map, and its different landmarks. So far, we know that Mexico city is the capital and some information about the major towns and rivers.


By Jessica

In Elm class we are learning about Gallery Rebels, which is a topic based on Art. Basically, it is about famous artists that at their prime painted differently to how people thought art was, but we all know today that art can come in any form. These 'rebels' were people such as: Edvard Munch, Henry Moore, Joan Miro and others. What we have recently learnt in this topic, are three art types: Impressionism, Expressionism and Surrealism.


by Alfonso

This term we are learning about space. At the moment, we have learnt about our solar system. We know that there are 8 planets altogther, but when Mrs. Taylor -Hicks was young she learnt that there were nine planets, because there was a planet called Pluto. However, scientists say that it isn't a planet any more. It is now called a dwarf planet.


By Sienna

In Elm class we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We have found out about the different types of God in our computing sessions, and used iPads to create posters on them. We have looked at one very famous Pharaoh called Tutenkhamun, and wrote newspaper articles in English about the discovery of his tomb. In Art, we learnt how to write in hieroglyphics and created our own cartouches. All of us are really enjoying this topic so far.


By Grace

This fortnight, Jaime has written about what we have been doing:


In Science we learnt about some genetic characteristics. Some of them were: tongue rolling, freckles, handclasping, widow's peak, cleft chin etc. We drew a table in our books and wrote our names, to see who can do what and what the similarities were. Me, Lewis and Scarlett had dettached earlobes and Skey had attached.

This fortnight, Charlie has written about what we got up to at the end of last term:

On the Wednesday of the last week we did our class dance at the Stag and it was amazing, obvioulsy we were the best! On the last term of term, we then had our Easter Service which was all about counting our blessings. We also made Easter cards, had an egg hunt and an Easter bonnet parade.

This fortnight, Evie and Luca have written about what we have been up to in Art:


The last two weeks have been really good! We've made super skulls for Mexico's day of the dead! We had to gets lots of scrap paper and scrunch up a piece at a time, then put masking tape over it all. Afterwards we made a nose out of scrap paper, and then we painted it.


I love Art because we had to make paper skulls. We crushed the paper and wrapped it in masking tape, then we painted them. It was great fun and Mitchell and I got all messy.

This fortnight, it's Scarlett's turn:


In these past two weeks, Elm class have done a lot of fun stuff. Firstly, we went to an awesome science fair, where we learnt about pyrotechnics with Matthew Tosh, and he set off lots of explosive fireworks! There were also daring demos with Fran. We learnt that friction is strong enough to lift a car up! Another really fun thing we did last week, was to make sugar skull sculptures out of scrap paper, as part of our learning on the Mexican festival: the day of the dead.


This fortnight, Harry has written about our learning in PSHE:


Yesterday, in PSHE, we were learning the meaning of twelve words that had something to do with the government, and tried to link up the meanings with the words, which was a challenge! We were then split in half - half of us were MPs (Members of Parliament) and the other half were members of the public. There were 3 'almost laws' that we had to ask the members of the public whether they were good ideas or not, and once we had gatehred information, it was time to head to the house of commons.


Mrs Taylor Hicks was 'Mr speaker' and she was in charge of the debate. We could cheer or boo the arguments other MPs made and then we voted on the laws that should be passed.

This fortnight, Lewis has written about our topic:


Over the last couple of weeks in our topic, we have been learning about Impressionism, Expressionism and Surrealism. It's so cool looking at famous artists and their work. We have also been doing our own artwork based on these styles.

This fortnight, Maddox has written about what we got up to in D.T at the end of last term:


We have been doing lots of sewing, and learnt how to do running stitch and overcast stitch. We successfully made textile samples based on close ups of the moon. It took lots of planning and effort - everyone planned their pieces and then sewed them, but not everyone stuck to their plans. After we finished, we wrote evaluations about our work.

This fortnight, Jessica has written about what we have been up to in our topic sessions:


On Thursday we wrote factfiles about the planets we created and painted in D.T. We were in groups of three and one four. To plan for this, we wrote research notes in our books about our planets. Then, we wrote the poster facts on an A4 piece of lined paper, trimmed them and backed them on coloured paper and card. Some of us phootcopied pictures of our planets to stick on too. We did our subtitles and titles on a plain piece of paper, in coloured pen so it would stand out. We backed them too and stuck them above our paragraphs. We were really pleased with how they turned out.

This week, Samuel has written about our special week of learning surrounding WW1:

In the last week we have been learnng about WW1. We looked at the causes and effects of the first world war and found out information about roles and jobs in the war. Also, we looked into 'no-man's-land' which nobody owned. I really enjoyed learning about WW1, and which countries fought in the war. Germany and Austria-Hungary lost the war. I loved this week of learning and hope to learn about the second world war soon.

This week, Jessica has written about our Macmillan Coffee afternoon:


​On Friday the 30th of September, the school had a Macmillan Coffee afternoon. There were 6 groups from Elm class helping in total, with some groups helping to set up and others helping to serve. Lots of grown ups came for cake and we raised a lot of money for the work that Macmillan do in helping people with cancer. Thank you FOSBS for helping us!

This fortnight, Connor has written about how we have started the academic year:


So far in Elm, it’s been great, and as I’m now Year 5, I am almost at the top of the school. We are learning about Ancient Egypt and I’m really enjoying it and I’m learning lots. In Maths we’ve worked on all of the operations. In English we’re working on sentence starters and word classes to improve our writing. Finally, in R.E we have looked at how God is different according to different people.