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Mr Gaind is the Class Teacher, ably supported by Mrs Yates and Mrs Osman.

Willow class is a fun place to learn with interactive displays and plenty of the children's work up for all to see and be proud of. We pride ourselves on a friendly, family atmosphere with the emphasis on independent learning and taking pride in our achievements.
Regards, Mr Gaind



Our Topic for this term is:

Tribal Tales


Fun facts:

The Early Stone Age is by far the longest period in human history.

Prehistoric cave paintings show bison, horses, aurochs, rhinos, mammoths and some other animals that are now extinct.

A hand axe or biface is a prehistoric tool with two faces. Usually hewn from flint or chert, it has been used longer than any other tool in human history.

The name Stonehenge is derived from the Old English words: 'stan' meaning 'stone' and 'hencg' meaning 'hinge', or 'hencen' which means 'gallows'.

Nobody is sure exactly when the wheel was invented. Evidence of wheeled objects and pictures of wheeled chariots date back to around 3500BC. Some of the first wheeled objects in Europe were actually children's toys.

In 2012, two amateur metal detectors in Jersey unearthed the largest hoard of Iron Age coins ever found. The Grouville hoard contains an estimated 70,000 coins, each valued at around £200 each. Wow! Can you work out what the total hoard was worth?

There were no dinosaurs in the Stone Age. They died out 65 million years ago. But there were mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and cave bears.

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***Stop Press: See below in the folder: A Year in Willow you will find out what we have been getting up to in Willow in all areas of the curriculum (including photos from our trip to Brighton Sea Life Centre). Also see below for websites to help with homework on this term's topic!***

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