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Welcome to Willow Class!

Our Topic this term is Tremors. Our topic is geographical based one focused on natural disasters, volcanoes, rocks and extreme weather. 


In English this week we have been looking at non-chronological reports. The children's were allowed to chose a subject of their interest and were tasked with researching their subject in order to create their own non-chronological reports.


We have had a fantastic time in Science this week also. Following our topic of natural disasters the children were given cups full of several ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, red food colouring and tiny pieces of jelly. They were not given any information on what the ingredients were or how to carry out the experiment but were instead left to investigate. They produced some amazing results and really enjoyed the responsibility of leading the experiment.


Year 3 in Maths this week have been working on their times tables;  having a great time creating raps and songs in order to help them remember. Year 4 have been learning the challenging tasks of multiplying by two digit numbers.


Throughout the week we have also been looking at the children's attitude towards learning and their resilience. The children took a quiz to investigate their mindset and they were very honest and curious as to the results. They were full of ideas as to great ways to face challenges.