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Fancy a Mr. Gaind sandwich anyone...?!


Willow Class are the Year 3 and 4 children of Sundridge and Brasted School.

Mr Gaind is the class teacher. Mrs Taylor-Hicks, who was the Teaching Assistant in Willow, is now a trainee teacher under the Graduate Teaching Programme and will also be teaching the class during the year. She is a great asset to the team. Mrs Kelly will be our Teaching Assistant for the year.

Willow class is a fun place to learn with interactive displays and plenty of the children's work up for all to see and be proud of. We pride ourselves on a friendly, family atmosphere with the emphasis on independent learning and taking pride in our achievements.

Regards, Mr Gaind

Stop Press: * New to the site - See photos from the recent trip to Herstmonceux science centre. Term 6 Curriculum map and letter is available below to view. Also below are some photos from our recent trip to Horton Kirby Environmental centre showing what great fun and learning we had. Please look at my blog for the most recent challenge!

Regards, Mr Gaind*



Our Wonderings
'Flight Engineers'
Term 6


How do birds fly?
How do planes get the power to lift all the weight?
What was the first flying machine ever made?
How do planes know where they are going in all the clouds?
How do people fly aeroplanes?
Why do they put aeroplanes in museums?
Who was the first man to ride in a spitfire?
How fast can an aeroplane fly?
How fast can birds fly?
What is the smallest aeroplane?
Why do penguins not fly?
What would happen if we put a lot of helium in a human body?
What power do birds and insects have to fly?
Can things fly without wings?
How long does it take to build things that fly?
Who invented air balloons?
Who was the first person in the world to travel by plane?
How do people control a hot air balloon?
What powers an airship?
Who was the first man to ride a rocket?
How do birds make a flock?
Why can't ostriches fly?
How do planes lift off?
Could dinosaurs fly?
Are there different aeroplanes for different lengths of flight?


Picture 1 Grabbing the duck!
Picture 2 Willow Christingles.
Picture 3 Willow Tenor Horn lesson
Picture 4 Sponsored Circuits Willow
Picture 5 Visit of Paralympian.
Picture 6 Learning instructions whilst cooking in Willow
Picture 7 Willow at the River Darenth.
Picture 8 Willow in the River Darenth
Picture 9 One of Willow's Aztec masks!
Picture 10 Guitar lessons
Picture 11 A future rock star!
Picture 12 More punctuation PE in Willow
Picture 13 Willow warming up in Diary Field.
Picture 14 More punctuation PE in Willow
Picture 15 Willow enjoying PE in Diary Field
Picture 16 Willow Aztec warriors