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Term 1 Topic Tudors - Explorers Our wonderings.


This term our topic is Tudor - Explorers. We spent some time in the first week thinking about what we wanted to find out about this topic. Here are some of our wonderings:

Why did the Tudors explore in the first place?
Did they do it for food?
How did the Tudors explore the world?
How did they see in the dark?
Where did they sleep?
What did they eat when they explored?
What did they do in a 50 foot wave?
Could you own a ship?
How did the Tudors make a ship?
What did the Tudors do if they sailed into the wind?
Did the Tudors sail to America?
How many different countries did they go to?
How odl did you have to be to fight?
How did they get money?
Did they find gold?
How did they cut trees for wood?
What were their hobbies?
Did they have a ration of food and how did they survive when the food run out?
What did they do to pass time on board ship?
Did they dream of being a sailor when they were young?
Why did the Tudors want land?Why was it so fascinating to explore?

As you can see they came up with some interesting questions. They are looking forward to finding out the answers. It promises to be an interesting term!
Mr Gaind