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Sports at Sundridge

Sport is a part of our current school improvement focus. Children who are engaged in playing sports at an early age are more likely to grow up enjoying physical activity and enjoying the resultant health benefits. In addition, there is much research to indicate that physical activity has a positive effect on children's ability to learn. We work hard to promote all aspects of good sportsmanship and are aware that the underpinning philosophy of fair play, good manners throughout the game, encouraging team mates and learning to win and lose well, are also key to success off the pitch.

We aim to give each pupil an opportunity to try a variety of different sports through curriculum and access to clubs across the year. These may include:
Picture 1 Kwik Cricket
Picture 2 Football
Picture 3 Netball
Picture 4 Athletics
Picture 5 Swimming
Picture 6 Rounders
Picture 7 Pop Lacrosse
Picture 8 Tag Rugby
Picture 9 Hockey