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Residential Day 3

Our last day. Despite the fact of an imminent return home, we picked up our spirits and became excited about our final two activities; Smack-ball (aero-ball) and abseiling.
The competitive element really came to the fore during smack-ball as children became obsessed by trying to beat each other's time; to travel as quickly as they could up a tree and then jump from the platform to 'smack' a ball in front of them. With an impressive time of 11.2 seconds Ronnie was our victor with Louise, an equally impressive time of 12s, coming a very close second. Then, to everyone's annoyance, Mr Foulds went like a bullet out of a gun and smashed the ball in 7.7 seconds. Abseiling was less competitive but just as much fun as we tried to walk down a wall from a great height. Some of us got so good that we even tried to bounce.
Finally it was home-time and although we had an amazing time we were all looking forward to getting back to our own comfortable beds.
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