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Pirate Pete came to visit...


On Thursday when we arrived in our classroom we found a treasure chest and letter. The treasure chest said it belonged to Pirate Pete, and the letter asked if we would mind looking after it for the day. The only problem was that we couldn't open it because it was cursed. However, we learnt, from the letter, that if we wrote some stories about Pirate Pete's adventures and how he got some of his treasure, we would be able to open the chest and explore the treasure. So we spent the morning planning and writing our stories - we got very absorbed in our writing, so much that it was nearly lunchtime before we had all finished! Once we had finished we put the stories on the chest and carefully opened it. Everything was fine - and we had fun exploring the treasure! We hope Pirate Pete likes the stories!


On Friday we found another letter from Pirate Pete. He loved our stories, and thought we would make great pirates. He left us some passports, and some activities to complete - we had to dress like pirates, sound like pirates, make a treasure map, make a ship, go on a treasure hunt and write a message in a bottle. We did all of these, and officially became pirates! We had so much fun, and even made sure that Attendance Ted joined in as well.

Picture 1 Even Attendance Ted joined in!
Picture 2 A treasure hunt!
Picture 3 Making treasure maps
Picture 4 A treasure hunt!
Picture 5 A treasure hunt!
Picture 6 Exploring the treasure!
Picture 7 The treasure chest
Picture 8 The treasure chest
Picture 9 Pirate Pete's letter