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PE Fun

 We are doing gymnastics in the hall this term as well as swimming for our PE. In our first lesson we looked at travelling around the room on the balls of our feet, stretches and rolling. To end the lesson I got them to work in pairs to illustrate punctuation marks to tie in with a push on this in Literacy. They had great fun and were well organised in their pairs. Here are some of the pictures.
Mr Gaind
Picture 1 Another colon - Willow PE
Picture 2 Yet more brackets! -Willow PE
Picture 3 More brackets! -Willow PE
Picture 4 More perfect brackets! - Willow PE
Picture 5 Some brackets! - Willow PE
Picture 6 Exclamation mark! - Willow PE
Picture 7 Another exclamation mark! - Willow PE
Picture 8 Another colon - Willow PE
Picture 9 Colon - Willow PE