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Multi Cultural Respect Day

At the end of Term 4 the school became 4 countries: Thailand, India, Peru and Mozambique! This was part of our Respect Week, educating the children on other cultures and beliefs. This also ties in with the British Value of respecting other faiths and beliefs.During the day the children were split into their house groups and visiting the four countries in each class room. Elm Class was Mozambique, Willow Class became India, Cedar Class turned into Thailand and Maple Class was transformed into Peru. The children learnt about the religions practised in each country, their customs, land marks, food and traditions.They had a fun time learning about different cultures which is an important lesson for them in multi cultural Britain. Here are some pictures showing what the children from Willow Class got up to on the day.


Mr Gaind

Picture 1 Traditional Indian dress.
Picture 2 Namaste!
Picture 3 More dressing up Indian style.
Picture 4 Bollywood dancing.
Picture 5
Picture 6 Mozambique traditional dress.
Picture 7 Learning about Mozambique.
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Peruvian weaving.
Picture 11 Learning where India is.
Picture 12 Mozambique way of carrying their young
Picture 13
Picture 14 Building Machu Pichu in Maple's outdoor area.
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Finding out about different foods from Peru.
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22