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Welcome to Maple Class!


We are the youngest in the school and have had a fantastic start to school life so far! There are 15 of us in Maple class and we love learning with Mrs Cooper, our teacher, and Mrs Langran, our teaching assistant. 


We are learning new sounds every day in our phonics lessons and have started to apply them in ways that interest us. So far we have written labels, made scary pop up books, built words using our letter pebbles, and written about our photographs from home. We are currently writing letters to a mysterious fairy called Willow who is visiting our class and leaving letters and treats for us to find! 


We love our 'Magic Maths' group times where we have already learnt about ordering numbers to 20, 2D shapes and their properties, and explored how to measure height. We apply all our number knowledge in the games we play and are currently learning about weighing objects which will enable us to weigh ingredients to make our own cakes!


In Maple class we love to learn through play and follow our own interests as much as possible. This makes our days very exciting as we never know where our ideas might take us! We have explored floating and sinking by making our own boats, which came from our interest in pirates. As we notice the changes happening around us during Autumn we have learnt about the seasons, created art work based on the colours of Autumn and made observational drawings of pumpkins.


Our interest in giants and fairy tales was sparked by an exciting flap book we shared based on visiting a giants castle! We are already getting excited about Christmas and a few children wanted to make Maple class their own 'Elf on the Shelf'. We have started to learn how to sew in order to make clothes for our elves and have even made little sleeping bags for them.


Please click on the links below to find out more about what we have been learning in Maple class so far...